The New Cheerios Campaign Is the Bees Knees

Cheerios, you win.  Your #bringbackthebees campaign is both simple and brilliant.

I love when a company uses their clout for a good cause.  Cheerios has made their beloved mascot, Buzz the bee, disappear in the name of drawing attention to the rapid decline of bees, which, in case you don’t already know, is a major problem.  We need bees.

They’ve pledged to give out 100 million wildflower seeds across America to help bring back the bees.  According to their website, they’ve already exceeded their goal, but were still distributing them last I checked.  They’ve even included a map so you can see where the seeds are being planted.  Isn’t that awesome?

Note:  Please continue to excuse my manners.  My links have all curiously died, so I have removed them.  They will return once they are working.  Meanwhile, visit for details on this campaign.


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