Hi there!

I’m Jamie, copywriter and author of the blog and content here.  I’ve said “professional daydreamer” is probably a better term for what I do because, while writing is my primary craft, my work largely consists of dreaming up big ideas, then bringing them to life.headshot-3

In my spare time, I’m the girl who will shop for things she isn’t sure even exist.  That’s what creatives do.  We form thoughts and ideas from scratch, then work backward to bring them to fruition.  I channeled my creativity through writing practically from the moment I could hold a pencil.

I majored in English at Anderson University (SC) and went on to become a full-time newspaper journalist.  My creative energy was reined in early into my career, and I focused on sharpening my technical writing skills.  Now I’m able to offer my clients the best of both worlds:  Clear, concise copy that pops.

My work has been trusted for nearly a decade by a variety of clients across multiple outlets who know great content is the foundation for a solid brand.  Ready to build yours?  Let’s chat.

As iron sharpens iron,